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Games To Improve Your Toddler’s Development

baby playing with puzzleAs a parent who’s obsessed with getting my kid a head-start in education, I’ve also figured out a way to promote fine motor skills in addition to training their patience. Games for kids will not only help keep them in line, but they’re also proven to train their intelligence. For instance, one of the simplest, yet most effective games that I’ve seen to work in teaching kids how to follow instructions is Simon Says. This is a group game, that multiple kids can learn to play at once. The rules are really easy: the adult is Simon and he or she calls out instructions. For example, ‘Simon says Jump!’ and the kids have to all jump. The slowest kid to comply with the instruction will ‘lose’ or be eliminated until there’s one person or winner left.

For mental development, you would do well with puzzle solving. Puzzles can be in the form of questions or physical puzzle pieces, where the goal of the game is to have your kids form a picture from the many jumbled up pieces. This will not only train your kid’s memory but also reasoning and rationale, to see which pieces fit to form a picture that makes sense.